Customers choose Kenvox because of 1st class quality, competitive price, strong technical support, short lead time and considerate service - Kenvox

Bring products from concept to reality by operating reliable and responsible supply chain methods, offering unique full one-stop-shop turnkey capabilities allowing Kenvox to reduce tooling and part manufacturing costs while shortening lead times.


Why Kenvox

Competitive Price

Short Lead-time

Strong Technical Support

Kenvox employs a very strong engineering core consisting of over 50 engineers with a wide range of background disciplines including mechanical, electronic, process, and many more.  80% of the engineers have over 10 years of industry experience, allowing Kenvox to develop 100 unique and new projects annually.

Customer Service

1. Kenvox employs talented and stable sales representatives fluent in English and are available at any time.

2. Sales Directors and Executive Management are fluent in English as well as industry experts and are available to speak directly with the customers.

3. Project engineers are proficient in English and are able to fully support the sales team and/or customer should the need arise for any technical support.

4. Kenvox has sales reps in both China and North America whom are available for a face-to-face meeting anywhere around the globe.