Product Categories - Kenvox

Kenvox is an OEM contract manufacturer which has developed and currently produce over 200 unique projects annually. We have a signed NDA with 95% of our customers which prevents us from showcasing their products. The items shown here are very common and represent a simplified sampling of our capatabilities.


Product Categories

Kenvox is capable of handling any projects across different industries. Some examples of our industries are automotive, medical, consumer goods, baby care, kitchenware, and consumer electronics.


Kenvox has a full range of mold-making and measuring equipment, including Swiss Mikron High-Speed CNC, Swiss Charmilles Mirror EDM, Japan Sodick Slow Wire-Cutting Machine, Germany THOME and UK LK automatic 3D Coordinate Measuring Machine, etc., totalling over 120 machines. We have the capacity to produce over 100 molds every month.

Plastic Products

Kenvox treats plastic injection molding as our core business model. Having injection machines that range from 75 tons to 1,000 tons combined with a robust engineering team with over 15 years of experience allows for the successful development of over 200 unique plastic projects annually.

Silicone Parts

Silicone production is an important part of Kenvox's business. Specializing in silicone compression, silicone injection molding (LSR), and epoxy allows Kenvox to produce high quality products such as kitchenware, medical components, baby products, consumer electronics, outdoor gear, household products and more. Silicone overmolding is a featured expertise of Kenvox.

Metal Parts

Kenvox realizes how important a one-stop-shop is for the integrity of our customer's supply chain. Metal parts can be handled by our joint-venture factory as well as strategic partners, giving Kenvox the ability to offer metal stamping, die-casting, CNC machining, extrusion, and others.

Complex Products

Kenvox offers a true one-stop-shop solution for full finished goods or half-finished goods that span across almost every material type and manufacturing technology.