Kenvox specializes on plastic, silicone and metal molds making for over 28 years - Kenvox

Leading professionals in the tool/mold manufacturing industry. Kenvox maintains strict quality control, deadlines, and voice activities with internal staff.


Mold Making

Kenvox originated in 1989 as an exclusive tool maker, exporting most of their tooling to overseas factories encompassing all ranges of industry.  Our mold manufacturing versatility is reinforced by an expert staff of tool and die professionals, having access to sate-of-the-art equipment.

By taking a scientific and strategic approach for mold design, we make intelligent decisions based on the part geometry, characteristics of the molding material, the specific molding process, and the estimated product life cycle. Our mold design process involves the use of various analysis and testing tools to validate our design concepts and ensure a high rate of conforming product. We manufacture precision quality molds with features such as exchangeable cores, hot runner systems, and multi-cavity configurations for molds.

Skilled and experienced designers are dedicated to meeting quality standards in the following industries:  automotive, medical, electronic, baby-care, kitchenware, and many others.

The Tooling Kenvox Experts:
  • Plastic injection mold

  • Insert mold

  • Over mold

  • Double-shot injection mold

  • Silicone injection mold

  • Metal die casting mold

  • Silicone compression mold

  • Extrusion mold

  • In-mold labeling mold (IML)

  • Plastic blowing mold

Mold Flow Analysis

Kenvox offers expert mold flow analysis to mitigate demolding, shrinking, sink marks, and other issues that may occure during mass production.

High Precision Equipment

  • Japan Sodick Slow Wire-cutting Machine AQL400Ls

    3-axis Stroke:400*300*250mm
    Positional Accuracy:0.003mm
    Repeatability Accuracy:0.001mm

  • Japan Sodick Slow Wire-cutting Machine AQL360Ls

    3-axis Stroke:360*250*250mm
    Positional Accuracy:0.003mm
    Repeatability Accuracy:0.001mm

  • Switzerland Charmilles High-precise
    EDM 35P

    3-axis Stroke:350*250*300mm
    Positional Accuracy:0.005mm
    Repeatability Accuracy:0.001mm

  • Taiwan Jiatie High-speed CNC

    3-axis Stroke:620*750*300mm
    Positional Accuracy:±0.01mm
    Repeatability Accuracy:±0.005mm

  • Taiwan CHMER Slow Wire-cutting

    3-axis Stroke:400*250*220mm
    Positional Accuracy:±0.3mm
    Repeatability Accuracy:±0.15mm

  • China Sistom High-speed CNC

    3-axis Stroke:600*500*250mm
    Positional Accuracy:±0.005mm
    Repeatability Accuracy:±0.003mm

  • Taiwan Hartford High-speed CNC

    3-axis Stroke:860*530*510mm
    Positional Accuracy:0.005mm
    Repeatability Accuracy:0.003mm

  • Taiwan Maxmill High-speed CNC

    3-axis Stroke:900*650*600mm
    Positional Accuracy:±0.005mm
    Repeatability Accuracy:±0.003mm

Shenzhen factory

Dongguan factory