Kenvox has strong ailities on molds and mechanical parts design & development - Kenvox

Bring products from concept to reality by operating reliable and responsible supply chain methods, offering unique full one-stop-shop turnkey capabilities allowing Kenvox to reduce tooling and part manufacturing costs while shortening lead times.


Design & Development

The Product Development Team at Kenvox offers customized solutions based on the specific needs of each of our clients and their end users.  We believe the key to a successful product is seamless communication at the earliest stages of the development process.  Careful analysis and a firm understanding of a client’s requirements allows Kenvox to tackle even the most demanding requirements.  Utilizing the vast engineering resources within Kenvox allows us to explore customized design choices which lead to cost reductions in tooling and manufacturing as well as continuous quality and reliability improvements.

Kenvox development capabilities include

Kenvox focuses on contract and custom manufacturing.  We do not have catalog products or any outside sales channels, eliminating the risks commonly associated with other manufacturers entering into the market space of their customers.  When an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) is signed, we fiercely adhere and enforce all terms of the agreement.

Design&Development Flow