Kenvox is an OEM contract manufacturer which has developed and currently produce over 200 unique projects annually. We have a signed NDA with 95% of our customers which prevents us from showcasing their products. The items shown here are very common and represent a simplified sampling of our capatabilities.

Solar Lamp

Project Background

This product is a portable solar powered lamp that includes a feature to charge mobile phones and devices. The major features are:

* A multi-functional solar powered LED lamp
Usable as a table light, ceiling light, or portable light.

* Phone charging with USB adaptor
Connect any phone with a USB charging cable to the USB phone charger included with the product. Charge times may vary depending on the phone model.

* Built-in 3 meter cable inside the solar disc
Flip the lid on the back of the solar panel to access cable. Return lid to previous position to lock.

* LIFEP04 battery with 2000+ mAh capacity
New technology with 4-6 year lifespan when properly stored

* Sound amplification abilities
Place your mobile phone with the speakers directed into the lamp shade to amplify volume.

Project Development Difficulties

When this customer first came to us their CAD model had many unnecessary parts, which made the assembly complicated and inefficient.

Our engineers provided refinement suggestions focusing on simplifying and optimizing the assembly process. They prepared a clear exploded drawing to assist in the visual aid of the project.

This product contains 3 PCBA's, over 27 mechanical pieces, including plastic, silicone, metal, cable, battery, washer, screws, etc.

Project Development Difficulties

Surface Finish

There was no specific standard for the surface finish besides a few sample pictures provided to us.

We were able to take the pictures and match them with SPI surface finish level and texture. Each part's finish was specified between us and our customer. We were able to make a record of all the finishes they chose. Once the molds were completed, we produced several samples for them to review before moving to mass production. Our customer was pleased with the surfaces used on the product.

Component Sourcing

Our customer was able to rely on us for a one-stop manufacturing service on their project.

This product contains several standard components which are not Kenvox's expertise. However, with a professional out-sourcing team, we were able to help our customer search for the most suitable manufacturers. We made samples to repeatedly test to get the perfect finalized model and specifications.

  1. Solar Panel

    Solar Panel

  2. LIFEPO4 battery

    LIFEPO4 battery

  3. Steel Goose Neck

    Steel Goose Neck

  4. Cables & various connector

    Cables & various connector

PCBA Development

Kenvox has cooperated with an electronic partner for over 10 years to develop many projects. For this project, we helped our customer with this service to ensure the product will contain full functions. Their requirement of the LED for lighting was very important, so we recommended they use the best LED product (Cree).

PCBA Development


Kenvox also handled the packaging on this project. The customer designed the artwork for packaging. We helped them make digital draft samples, adjust the size and determined the most suitable paper material for the final package.


The product has a complicated assembly procedure, which required high skill to ensure the quality and function was perfect.

Aside from training and work station preparation for assembly, we also designed and implemented a very detailed exploded assembly diagram and standard operating procedure to avoid mistakes.