Strong Supply Chain Management and Strategic Sourcing Capabilities Make Sure Kenvox Could Provide One-Stop Turnkey Solution to Customers - Kenvox

Bring products from concept to reality by operating reliable and responsible supply chain methods, offering unique full one-stop-shop turnkey capabilities allowing Kenvox to reduce tooling and part manufacturing costs while shortening lead times.


Supply Chain Management

Kenvox understands that each customer and each project is unique and requirements can change at any moment.  We believe in offering a wide range of skills and resources to find the perfect solution for each individual project.

Kenvox is dedicated in building very close and strategic partnerships with other manufacturers in China across various industries to blend the entire process of a project into a single, streamlined work flow.

Cost reduction analysis is a strength of Kenvox.  Understanding that a simple change in the manufacturing process can significantly incease product life span or decrease manufacturing costs, we consciously design and thoroughly document each process.  This allows the product to go from prototype to high-volume production in a  way that minizes cost, ensures quality, and guarantees repeatability.

By utillizing a single point supply chain, complex communications amoung multiple vendors can be avoided. Kenvox is unique in that all our facilities operate under the same set of protocols and processes, allowing for seamless integration between material types and processes.

Manufacturing flexibility and deep industry knowledge have become staples in the success of manufacturers.  Gauging product demands shifts along with raw material fluctuations and other factors ensures Kenvox can respond quickly and maintain low costs throughout the entire manufacturing process.

Quality and repeatability are synonymous in contract manufacturing.  Carefully engineered check points and sophisticated equipment along with high trained inspectors all make for repeatable builds across all of our facilities while maintaining all first-article quality standards.

Strategic sourcing operations

A fully integrated supply chain at Kenvox means that high and low volume needs can be satisfied at every level, bringing a competitive advantage to our customers.